WCNY’s Central Issues recently broadcast a terrific three-part series about The I-81 Challenge as part of PBS’s Blueprint America, a national project investigating the state of America’s critical infrastructure.

If you didn’t see them when they aired on October 4, 5 and 6, you can now watch all three episodes at your convenience. Click and learn “The History” (27 minutes), get “The Plan” (27 minutes), and hear “The People Speak” (27 minutes). Produced by WCNY and narrated by George Kilpatrick, you will quickly gain an appreciation for the scope and importance of the I-81 issue, how it affects us all, and how you can get involved in the decision-making process (and why you should!). In addition, you’ll learn how the decision will ultimately be made, and the roles that the SMTC and NYSDOT play in the process.

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