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At the public workshops this past May, attendees had the opportunity to share their ideas about deficiencies on I-81 by writing down any issues they felt needed to be addressed and then placing their notes in the appropriate location on a large map of the I-81 corridor. How do their ideas match up with the traffic, safety, and design deficiencies identified in the NYSDOT’s Technical Memorandum #1: Physical Conditions Analysis?

The I-81 Challenge May 2011 Public Workshops Summary Report illustrates that the deficiencies and needs that attendees identified within the study area generally coincided with safety, congestion, and design problems identified through technical analysis.

The section of the map above shows the safety, congestion and design deficiencies presented at the workshops and an overlay of attendee input, noted with yellow dots. The size of the dot roughly corresponds to the frequency with which attendees identified the issue (larger dots indicate more comments). To see the full map, please visit the project website to view The I-81 Challenge May 2011 Public Workshops Summary Report .

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