All options for the future of I-81 are currently on the table. Over the next several years, The I-81 Challenge will advance community discussion about I-81’s future. We’ve started by collecting information about the existing conditions of the highway and the regional transportation system, but that’s as far as we’ve gone. Next we’ll be reaching out to the community via workshops, small group meetings, and questionnaires to gain a better understanding of their values, goals, and ideas.  This community feedback will be used to help generate a wide range of options for the future of the highway and a set of criteria for evaluating them.

This broad range of options will be narrowed down to a small number of viable alternatives through a combination of technical analysis and continued public involvement. Later, the viable alternatives will be refined and analyzed in further detail, and a formal environmental review process, including official public hearings, will begin. That process will ultimately lead to a decision, and to a project or projects that can be implemented.

It’s pretty clear that a decision has not been made yet on the future of I-81, so we encourage you to learn more about the project and share your feedback by going to

The time to get involved is now, while we’re still in the decision-making process. To learn how, visit our website and get involved!

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