I-95_by Flickr user HGruber

On February 23rd, The Academy of Natural Sciences Center for Environmental Policy hosted a “Re-imagining Urban Highways” conference in Philadelphia. The event featured panelists from the Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance, the City of Providence, and representatives from the Next American City. The panel discussed highway removal projects across the country and explored ideas for mitigating the impacts of highways in Philadelphia and the Bronx.

Diana Lind of the Next American City called for the removal of a stretch of I-95 along the Philadelphia’s riverfront. Local media outlet NewWorks reported on Diana’s proposal and asked a few other Philadelphia residents about their thoughts on I-95. “It’s noisy…but I use it every day,” one woman told NewWorks.

Take a moment to click through the NewWorks slide show, which includes images of the highway and quotes from Philadelphia residents.

Visit the Next American City website to see videos of the presentations from the conference and learn more about the event.

Photo by Flickr user HGruber.

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