In a past blog post, we established that the first step in identifying what should ultimately happen with I-81 is determining what is important for us as a region and the role we want I-81 to play in our future. We shared some of the study goals that we have heard so far.

Members of the public helped us add to this list at the first round of public workshops for The I-81 Challenge in early May. These are some of the additional goals they shared:

- Utilize existing resources

- Minimize costs

- Facilitate easy maintenance in the future

- Consider the bigger picture: the future of I-81 could be part of a long-term sustainable city plan

- Address safety deficiencies on the viaduct

- Create safe interchanges

- Minimized impacts to neighborhoods/populations

- Increase accessibility for hospitals and medical destinations

- Improve city living opportunities

- Promote sustainable land development patterns (e.g. infill, not sprawl).

Add your ideas about what a solution for I-81 should accomplish by participating in the virtual workshop.

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