Fig 24 Transit Ridership

This is the tenth in a series of blog posts that highlight findings from NYSDOT’s draft Technical Memorandum #1: Physical Conditions Analysis (Tech Memo #1).  To read other blog posts in the series, click here.

Centro’s transit ridership trends were identified by collecting information about the number of people getting on and off the bus at a series of locations within the Metropolitan Planning Area. The analysis showed that Centro’s ridership is concentrated in the area centered over the downtown hub, with more than 20 riders per bus during peak periods in this area.  This core ridership is largely a product of densely-populated neighborhoods and transit-dependent populations.  Throughout most of the remainder of the city, ridership is moderate with 10-19 riders per bus during peak periods. Ridership drops off significantly throughout the suburban areas, with fewer than 5 riders per bus during peak periods.

Routes outside the central core largely cater to commuters.  According to the 2005 Transportation Profile for Onondaga County, 2.2% of the county population and 7% of the city population use public transportation as their mode choice.

To read more about transit in the Syracuse region, check out the full report for Tech Memo #1, or the summary document, at

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