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This is the final in a series of posts that explores the three major themes that arose from the visions shared at our first round of public workshops.

We’ve already explored the first two major themes in previous blog posts: Rebuild the Viaduct, and Remove the Viaduct . This post explores the third and final major theme: Replace the Viaduct.

The major ideas within this theme were to replace the viaduct with a below grade highway – either in a tunnel or open trench – which would serve to reconnect the city, improve aesthetics, and maintain the mobility and accessibility offered by the Interstate highway. Some of the key comment elements and concepts are illustrated in the lists below:

Eliminate the barrier created by the highway

- Routing I-81 through a downtown tunnel
- Put I-81 below grade in an open trench

Maintain or improve regional accessibility

- High speed express lanes on I-481
- Create a western bypass around Syracuse

Maintain or improve local accessibility

- Limited number of entrances and exits

Enhance the surrounding area

- Raising the level of the surrounding streets and sidewalks
- Incorporating attractive landscaping
- Building tree-lined walking paths over the highway

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Photo by Latvian98 via Flickr, with permission.

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